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Number one wedding advice for all brides

Of all the wedding tips I received from the moment I got engaged to the moment I got married the one I'm about to give you was NEVER given to me. In fact, I never read it on any blogs or heard it on any wedding advice videos either. At first glance you may wonder why, out of all the important wedding tips out there, we consider this the first one you should hear.  

Are you ready?

Spend what YOU want on your wedding and don't let ANYONE tell you differently!

Do I mean spend your entire life savings on your wedding or go overboard and put yourself in debt? No. I quite literally mean spend what you (and your fiancé) want on it. The amount of money you and your fiancé want to spend on your wedding is nobody else’s choice but you’re own, no matter how high or low that amount may be. Maybe wanting to spend a “larger” amount means being engaged for longer time, but if at the end of it you're going to have the wedding of your dreams then do it. Whether you want to spend thousands or nothing at all, it’s YOUR decision.

Why is this the first tip I offer up to anyone that asks me for wedding advice? Because you will not believe how many people, strangers really, would congratulate me and follow that up with "Don't spend a lot of money on a wedding, go on a trip, buy a house, etc." I know they meant well but frankly ... I didn't ask them for advice on what to do with my money. They wouldn't tell me what to spend on anything else in my life, heck - some of them probably didn't even know my last name to be telling me how much to spend on one of the most important days of my life. 

Those people didn't know I have a huge family that I wanted to celebrate my love with. Those people didn't know that I had an entire support system of people ready to pitch in to the wedding and they also didn't know that I have always wanted a big wedding! Just as much as I wanted a house to live in and an amazing honeymoon - having a big wedding with all my friends and family was important to me and having people telling me not to spend a lot of money made the beginning stages of wedding planning stressful. I couldn't decide on a venue or guest count, or just about anything else because I kept thinking about all the people telling me spending money wasn't worth it.

Advice for throwing a big wedding

(Told you we have a big family!)

I can also imagine the opposite to be true. You want nothing more than to just elope or to go to a courthouse to make it official and keep it intimate but people are trying to push a huge wedding on you. You don't want to let your friends and family down but you know in your heart a big wedding was never in your plans. That pressure can be just as stressful and a huge downer right after the excitement of getting engaged. 

Once I came to terms with the fact that what my fiancé and I wanted is what was most important I was able to move on with wedding planning virtually stress free. I accepted the fact that it wasn't going to be cheap or small, which was fine because I never wanted to plan a budget friendly small wedding. Again, that is not saying that once I accepted this we had no budget and spent all our money freely. We still compared vendors and did our research and chose all the options that were best for us and that is my point. 

At the end of the day I can honestly say that I don't regret a single penny spent on our wedding and I'm so happy I didn't let the opinions of others dictate how much to spend. If I had listened to people and downsized my wedding, I probably wouldn't be saying the same thing. The same goes for if I had wanted a small wedding and got talked into planning a big one.

So what I’m trying to get across here is that you have no regrets on your wedding day. That through the process, you make decisions that will make you happy, but are also beneficial for you as a newlywed couple. There is a way to plan a wedding in any budget whether you want a big wedding, a small wedding, or no wedding at all. Everyone’s vision for their big day is different, and a couple should never feel obligated to make decisions based on anyone else’s opinions on what that day should look like or cost

Follow your heart and celebrate your love the way you see fit and I can almost guarantee that you will be happy with the outcome!

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  • This is such good advice. This is different across different couples and I definitely know couples who were forced into spending so much that their wedding ended up making them resent their family.

    You’re awesome!

    Mary on

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