About Us

Details Matter to us because we've been in your shoes!
In January of 2017 I got engaged and embarked on a DIY journey. The ultimate goal of this journey wasn't to create everything I could. The ultimate goal was to make sure no one could tell that I was the one who created 90% of the things they saw at my wedding... or bachelorette party.... or bridesmaid proposals or anything else in between. 

I wanted to create custom pieces because I wanted everyone to feel special when they received gifts that were tailored for them. I wanted pieces no one had ever seen anywhere else.

Every time people were left in disbelief when they found out I personally made whatever it was they were admiring, I knew I had succeeded. Every time someone asked where I bought something, I knew I had succeeded. 

Through this process I discovered a passion for creating one of a kind gifts and favors that were tailored to whatever it is I was doing. Now that my wedding is over, I'm not ready to let that passion go. With the help and support from my friends and family, I get to continue my passion. I aim to be a one stop shop for anyone throwing a special event or looking for a special gift. If you don't see it in my shop I will find a way to create it for you. If you see something you like but its not 100% YOU, I will work with you to make sure it is.

You can trust us with whatever you need because it will be made with as much love as when I was making it for my own wedding.